Members of Lavender Diamond and The Bird and the Bee form all-star girl group

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    There’s been a lot of talk about supergroups over the last year or so. Sadly, the ladies haven’t really had a presence in these musical marriages. That all changes now with The Living Sisters, which is made up of members of Lavender Diamond and The Bird and the Bee.

    According to the L.A. Times blog, the band is made up of Lavender Diamond’s lead singer Becky Stark, jazz-pop crooner Eleni Mandell, and Inara George from The Bird and the Bee. According to Mandell, the group’s been working together for three years and came together after Mandell told Stark about her dream of creating a group with an emphasis of vocal harmonizing.

    The blog goes on to note that their debut album, Love to Live, “strikes an effervescent middle ground between the earthy country style of the Louvin Brothers and the silky vintage pop of the likes of the Andrews Sisters and the Mills Brothers.” At a recent show at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, which featured Brian Wilson and Dave Alvin, they also played around with everything from gospel hymns to modern pop jams.


    Despite their short history together, Mandell said the trio already have a uniquely powerful sound.

    “There’s something about us three singing harmony,” Mandell said, “that is almost like religion.”

    Love to Live is scheduled to hit stores March 30th on Vanguard Records.