Radiohead plays Haiti benefit; raises $572,754

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    “Radiohead For Haiti” was name of the concert on display at Hollywood’s Music Box Theater last night (Jan. 24). For Radiohead, this meant a special one-off concert, in between recording, where fortunate fans were greeted by a mix of old and new favorites — as well as the yet-to-be-released “Lotus Flower”. For Haiti, this meant the indie benefit concerts of all indie benefit concerts, where adoring Radiohead fans willingly threw out $475 a ticket (minimum), via online auction, for a chance to see this special one-off concert. In the end, the evening raised $572,754!, for Haiti relief efforts, which Thom Yorke announced during the second encore with a stunned “fuck me!,” URB and TFB report.

    Videos from last night’s concert are slowly begin to trickle onto YouTube. Check those out, as well as the evening’s setlist, below.

    Radiohead Setlist:
    Faust Arp
    Fake Plastic Trees
    National Anthem
    Karma Police
    Kid A
    Morning Bell
    How To Disappear Completely
    Wolf at the Door
    The Bends
    Body Snatchers
    Dollars & Cents
    Exit Music (For a Film)


    Encore #1:
    Everything In Its Right Place
    You and Whose Army?
    Pyramid Song
    All I Need

    Encore #2:
    Lotus Flower
    Paranoid Android
    Street Spirit