The San Francisco-based psychedelic post punk duo The Art Museums recently teamed up with the indie record label Woodsist in anticipation of their debut LP Rough Frame, due some time in 2010. Composed of Josh Alper and Glenn Donaldson, The Art Museums take an interesting approach to new wave with the help of a vintage Tascam 388 tape machine and a knack for lo-fi quality sound.

Lyrically, the Bay Area burnouts tend to focus more on the squalid side of life, particularly when it involves love, art, and poseurs, which accompanies their British influenced pop/punk sound quite well. Intrigued yet? Then you’ll be pleased to hear a stream of “Sculpture Gardens”, an exclusive listen from the upcoming Rough Times. Enjoy!

Check  Out:
“Sculpture Gardens”

Rough Times Tracklist:
Side A
01. We Can’t Handle It
02. Sculpture Gardens
03. So Your Baby Doesn’t Love You Anymore
04. Paris Cafes
05. When Amber Melts

Side B
01. Oh Modern Girls
02. Rough Frame
03. Sing A Song Of Stacie
04. 30 Seconds