Album Review: The New Loud – Can’t Stop Not Knowing [EP]




    It’s been tried, true, and said dozens of times before: Milwaukee has certainly had its share of visitors. Creeping into the new decade of the 21st Century, Milwaukee still keeps those visitation flames alive. While it’s home to the Miller Brewing company and the lovable Harvey’s Wallbangers baseball squad that is the Milwaukee Brewers, there’s also a little Midwestern magic to behold in its music scene, as well. Yes, you guessed it, Milwaukee’s very own destructive dance rock trio The New Loud, is one of those magical bands you can’t help but root for.

    After a recent exploding concert in New York, The New Loud click alive on the heels of its debut EP Can’t Stop Not Knowing. Led by guitarist/singer Shane Olivo, the band’s mesmerizing sonic twists and turns defy musical trends and prove to be truly solid songs, well-written and well-executed. Kicking off this six song jaunt is the band’s debut single “Don’t Dance”. With Olivo’s jangly guitar cutting in between keyboardist Jessi Nakles’ electric mastery of the keys, “Don’t Dance” is a delicious slice of Euro-pop, New York dance and snotty punk rock all thrown into one. With their battle cries of “You don’t dance me, but I dance you!”, The New Loud amp up the aggression on the dance floor. For this power trio, loudness goes with the territory and these three amigos certainly know how to manipulate walls of sound without coming off too harsh or hacked. Olivo’s vocals sound of a cross between The Cars’ Ric Ocasek meets XTC’s Andy Patrtidge, but for the 21st Century, they’re all in a class of their own.

    After the blistering deliverance of “Don’t Dance”, the band follow it up with an amped up cover of Radiohead’s “2+2=5”. This is a case where the cover is better than the original, hands down. While the Radiohead version is excellent, The New Loud’s take on it is pretty stellar. Fast punk rock beats meshing with sonic jaunts of guitar waves, the trio take the British quintet’s musical offering and crank it to 11. I could go on, but you’d have to hear it for yourself; it’s totally worth it.


    The EP then follows with the final tracks “Heaven (single mix)”, “The Short Way To Get You” a demo of “Every Girl I See” and an extended version of “Heaven”. Drummer Radish Beet proves to be a great percussionist with the band, keeping up with the aggressive paces of Olivo and Nakles. Combining early New Wave and dashes of minimalism with punk rock mentality, The New Loud are looking to 2010 with a hungry set of eyes. While their full length debut is expected to arrive sometime this spring, Can’t Stop Not Knowing proves to be a welcome introduction to the band’s already spoken of charismatic live shows and intricate musicianship. Do these guys know how to party or what? Don’t ask me, the answer’s right here.

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    Can’t Stop Not Knowing [EP]

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