Before they decided to drop the “Music Television” tagline, MTV made at least one good decision: Featuring the Brooklyn based band Xylos on its Fresh Buzz program that, in a partnership with Subway of all places, highlights bands everyone needs hear. And while the aforementioned branding change was boneheaded (but totally and unbelievably necessary), bringing attention to the sounds of the equally unbelievably pop ensemble was comparatively brilliant.

MTV exposure aside, the band’s sound is all about the bright and bubbly boy-girl harmonies. “When Summer Comes” is one of the finer, more beaming examples. It’s got that lightly Caribbean vibe with the rhythms of a steel drum and the strummy guitar line. But the harmonies are where the song shines. With the girls singing like island harpies and the male parts like Ezra Koenig doing a much less cheesy Jimmy Buffett, the vocals blend together to take you to some crystal clear beach in the Atlantic. And if that doesn’t sound wonderful in this weather, no amount of pop goodness could melt your heart.

The band’s debut LP, which is produced by Britt Myers (Chairlift, Yeasayer), should be available sometime in 2010. If “When Summer Comes” wasn’t enough to keep you waiting for summer AND said release, hit up their official site to download “Not Enough”.


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“When Summer Comes”