Gorillaz link Lady Gaga to Satanism as Murdoc journeys to Plastic Beach

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    In support of their forthcoming junior effort, Plastic Beach, our favorite fictional rock stars Gorillaz have put together yet another short animated teaser. Guest starring their potty-mouthed no pants necessary bassist Murdoc, the short features him innocently attempting to start his journey towards Plastic Beach with a bottle of champagne in tow. However, a sly sniper puts a dent on his fun, forcing him and his piratey boat captain to high tail it out of there on their small hoy boat. Since its debut on Spinner yesterday morning the teaser has been dubbed simply “Murdoc” and with the much anticipated Plastic Beach hitting stores on March 9th, Gorillaz will surely be throwing a few more surprises our way; possibly even revealing clues to the remaining three members’ locations or really anything so that we’re not just left there with our pants hanging down again.

    Meanwhile, Murdoc’s been busy on the blogosphere critiquing MTV’s blog and rambling about Lady Gaga’s connection to the devil as he piddles away his time on Plastic Beach; which he confesses he retreated to in order “to get away from all these gun-running pirates and assassins that are trying to blow my brains out”. Yet another goofy example of the band’s twisted sense of humor as Murdoc bashes Gaga claiming, “you’re a pagan, devil-loving foxy man/lady/Masonic youth” this is seriously not a blog post you want to miss!

    Stay tuned for more information regarding Murdoc’s journey to Plastic Beach and how he’s been spending his days since Demon Days all on his “Jack Jones”. Or if you’ve got less patience than a cat in heat you can alternatively follow his lavish lifestyle via Twitter @MurdocGorillaz.

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