You would think that after everything Courtney Love has done to reincarnate Hole she would be able to pull off one simple gig in London, right? Well, we’ll just have to wait a few more days to see because she never even made it to their scheduled show last night. What happened? In a surprising twist of fate, not even Love can be blamed for this. No, this one’s all on teen angst… and the internet.

In support of their new album, Nobody’s Daughter, Hole was set to debut and perform at Camden’s Proud Galleries venue. Prior to the gig, Love had been staying in her hotel room in London’s upscale Park Lane area.  However, thanks to a leak via Facebook, word of a squat party at a nearby abandoned townhouse came out, resulting in nearly 2,000 teens flocking to the area, which eventually spilled out on to the streets and even on to the house’s roof. Police arrived with batons and shields and closed off the entire area. According to Rolling Stone, there was a stand off between the two parties, however, no violence ensued. Instead, the police forced Love to remain in her hotel room while they took care of business. By then, at 12:40 a.m., nearly an hour after Hole’s set time, she was forced to cancel the gig.

As per Love’s Twitter (note the exceptional use of grammar):

per PROUD kids there was as youllread tomorrow in the LOndon papers a MASSIVE riot tonight putside my HOUSE the cops wouldsnt let me leave.”


No word yet on a reschedule date. Deep down though, Love must be proud to see teen angst popping its head out again in mass numbers. Leave it to Mark Zuckerberg to carry the torch in the new millennium.

Hole 2010 Tour Dates:
02/17 – London, UK @ Shepherds Bush Empire
02/19 – Milan, IT @ Magazzini Generali
02/21 – Amsterdam, NE @ Paradiso