This May, we will see the re-release of a staple to the Rolling Stones’ catalog, including oodles of largely unheard and unseen material. Exile on Main St., the Stones’ 1972 double LP that’s short on singles, but loaded with hip-shaking boogie-oogieing, will be reissued on May 17th. Included are previously unreleased tracks, including “Pass The Wine”, “Dancing In The Light”, “Following the River”, and “Plundered My Soul”, plus the album will contain alternate versions of “Soul Survivor” and “Loving Cup”.

This reissue will see three different treatments. The first is a standard reissue of all original 18 tracks, most likely with enhanced sound. The second is the deluxe edition featuring the 10 previously unreleased songs. Then, there’s the mother ship. The super deluxe edition contains the previous version on vinyl, a 50-page collector’s book plus a 30-minute documentary. Now this mini doc is a piece of work on it’s own. It’s actually a mash-up of three different 10-minute films, most of which was shot around the time of the Exile on Main Street recordings from 1971-72.

Stay with me now…

The first third of the documentary is excerpts from the underground film, “Cocksucker Blues”.  You can use your imagination why the film was banned in 1971. The second is part of “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rolling Stones”, a gem of a film that has been out of print since 1974 and has barely been seen by public eyes. The final piece of the doc. is 10 minutes from an upcoming bio titled “Stones in Exile”. This will eventually be released as a full-length documentary, but details are unknown at this time, as reported by Roger Friedman.


Got all that?  Just mark your calendars for May 17th, stop by your local record store and you’ll be fine. Who knows, the clerk there may even have some Stones’ stories you can’t find on any reissue.