Update: The festival is now being billed as a two-day event, set to take place from July 10-11. Foo Fighters, Nickelback, and Lady Gaga are among the acts that have been contacted, Torontoist reports.

This summer, Artie Kornfeld, one of the promoters of the original Woodstock Music Festival, and artist David Kam have announced plans for a brand new, three two-day Toronto based music festival designed to draw some 350,000 attendees daily (yeah, 350,000!) in the name of peace and love.

The Imagine Music & Arts Festival, which is inspired by John Lennon’s song of the same name and his message of peace and love along with 1969’s original Woodstock Festival, will be staged at Downsview Park for three days this summer, CHARTattack reports.


Exact details are still forthcoming, but according to the festival’s website, the event will coincide with the Earthship Summit, a Toronto conference set for this June that seeks to promote green activities, and hopes to invite “50 of the world’s greatest rock bands, in spirit of Woodstock ’69.”

The festival will be divided into different programs, featuring three different themes for each of the three nights (peace, poverty, and our planet), as well as tributes to John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, and The Beatles.

No artists have been announced, however, CHARTattack speculates acts like U2, Radiohead, The Rolling Stones, Broken Social Scene, and Three Days Graces as (or at least the caliber of) potential targets. The promoters would like all acts to “reflect the spirit of the Earthship Summit,” aka be green-friendly.


We’ll of course update you as more information becomes available. In other words, time to bookmark another Festival Outlook page!