Admit it: You saw the band name BATTLEHOOCH, and you snickered just a little. Shame on you, though. What is a rather funny band name belies the fact that the San Francisco six-piece make an interesting blend of music that cartwheels between genres. And nothing demonstrates their hectic, loyalty-free blend of rock better than “Somersaults”.

From the initial horns to the big build toward monotonous tribal chanting, the track sets off like a distance runner moving toward something that shakes and rumbles. It glides to a sound that burns out into an ethereal plan and back and forth again, each time never losing a step and always remaining bright and arty, even in the minor vocal freak-out. Giggle all you want, but this puppy has some bite to it.

If you liked the song, watch out for a corresponding video on the band’s official site in the coming weeks.  The band’s self-titled LP hits stores April 16th.


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