If Everything But The Girl — the British pop band responsible for the catchy tune “And I Miss You” (no doubt playing in your local hair salon or Supercuts this moment) and 21st century indie-pop junkies infatuated with the endless possibilities of three chord progressions, vocoders, and synthesized keyboards were to collaborate and make something far surpassing anything traditional record stores would hold… it would be Adam Sarmiento’s I and I.

Gimme a second to breathe and I’ll explain.

Now, at first, the comment above may seem threatening and rather sarcastic, but allow me to digress. Everything But The Girl was a catchy band that died out due to the fact that they could no longer write original material fitted for the 21st century. Still, the band did something right, and that something was starting an entire genre of music. As for the “21st century indie-pop junkies, infatuated with the endless possibilities of three chord progressions, vocoders, and synthesized keyboards”, that’s easy to understand. People enjoy simplicity and “three chord progressions, vocoders, and synthesized keyboards” are just the right ingredients to make simplicity… well, interesting. Adam Sarmiento scrounged it all up, kicked it around, and turned it into what we hear today as I and I.

Deja vu, anyone?

I and I is the thought process and flair of Mr. Sarmiento, also known for his sweat and efforts as drummer and writer in the New Tribe, the Pistol Arrows, and the Candles. His latest release, Weird Animals, is an experimental EP that takes the listener into an out of body experience with its smooth melodies, found in the many tracks that are well equipped with synthesizers and vocal themes. In some respects, it resembles the earlier years of Dave Gahan, back when Depeche Mode actually sounded like Depeche Mode.


This EP comes off as smooth and melodic, and Sarmiento clamps down on the listener with some good ol’ branded rhythm that’s genuinely upbeat in nature. Just listen to the EP’s titular track and you’ll find oozing sunny, bubbly techno-babble that only begs for days at the beach and evenings with friends. You can’t go wrong with that feeling. And given that each track keeps your ears entertained (Do yourself a favor and listen to “I Can See”, too!), you can’t go wrong with I and I. It just feels right. But maybe that’s because it’s spring and we’re all happy now.

Though I’m pretty sure it’s just genuinely good stuff.

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