So, we listened to your suggestions and have spent the last few days vigorously working to upgrade the features of our brand new Festival Outlook section. Now, as per your request and some good common sense, users will find lineups on individual Festival Outlook pages listed in alphabetical order. We will also keep track of the most recent additions by including a [New!] next to the respective artist’s name (for example).

Finally, the main Festival Outlook homepage now allows users to sort for a festival by name (alphabetically), date (upcoming), and most recent update. This should be specifically helpful if you’re looking for a way of keeping track of all the lineup updates done during a particular day. Here’s an image for the confused.

We hope you enjoy these improvements. If you have any other suggestions, ideas, or complaints, please shoot us an email. Please note there are still a few other bugs that need fixing, which we should have solved shortly.


Thank you!