Having already conquered the single, the album, the stream, and the mp3 player, Apple will next set it sights on the concert ticket.

According Crunch Gear, Apple recently filed a patent for “Concert Ticket,” a new iPhone application that would allow users to purchase, use, and store concert tickets.

The main feature, aside from being an alternative to Ticketmaster, is the use of what is known as NFC (near field communication) technology. Essentially, the application’s interface would allow the iPhone to communicate with other NFC enabled devices or RFID tags, which could potentially include ticket kiosks, turnstiles, or RFID tickets. In other words, it would all but eliminate the need for paperless tickets, which, depending on your viewpoint, is either really awesome or really terrible news.

Crunch Gear notes that the application would also allow for easier transfer of tickets to others as well as access more information about the concert or event. From the business perspective, Apple’s e-ticket system would allow companies to target the ticket purchaser with live recordings, exclusive content, and concert refreshments.

Head on over to Patently Apple to check out the patent. Ticketmaster executives especially.