Arcade Fire and The National members collaborate on new project


    Here’s a little SAT question for you: The Large Hardron Collider slamming atoms into each other at light speed : might produce tiny black holes that will inhale all of existence / Arcade Fire and The National working together : might produce __________?

    Objectively, the answer is a new album from Montreal based singer Laurel Sprengelmeyer, under the sobriquet “Little Scream.” While The National was working on its highly anticipated High Violet in New York, one of Arcade Fire’s multi-instrumentalists Richard Reed Parry and Little Scream hooked up with guitarist Aaron Dessner at his home studio. There Dresser and Perry tinkered with Little Scream’s new album, with Dessner adding guitars and Perry complimenting most of the tracks and producing the bulk of the album.

    “It’s pretty dynamic,” Sprenglemeyer told HitFix, “by that I mean it goes from really kind of bombastic to really more quiet and has lots of different sounds in it.”  Other than spending time quoting Merriam-Webster, Little Scream has been working on the as-of-yet untitled album for the past year. Look to her website for more information to come.


    And the get-together produced more quid pro quos then a back-scratching convention: Little Scream sings back up on The National’s “Bloodbuzz Ohio“, and Perry plays on a number of tracks on High Violet including a 7-part layered vocal on the tune “Conversation 16”. Eat your heart out, Bon Iver.

    Oh, hang on. Bon Iver is on the album, too.

    While we wait for Little Scream’s debut, we also sit patiently and wait for the following things:

    The National’s High Violet: May 11 via 4AD,

    Arcade Fire’s (un)forthcoming third LP : sometime in  2010 via Merge

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