Mashup DJ/producer Panzah Zandahz, aka Big Pauper, figured out as early as 2000 that if you want to make it as a true musical entity, you’ve got to be on control of your fate. That’s undoubtedly why he started his label Zero Skillz, now known as Token Recluse Recordings. But after 10 strong years, the Portland, OR remix king is closing up shop to focus more his own musical projects. Worry not though, as the final days will bring a  ton of previously unreleased material until the label’s swansong in December. And one of those parting gifts is the Zandahz track called “Spell”.

Despite their celebratory nature of the end of an era, don’t expect any parties to be celebrated with this one. This slow burner takes the structure of an old, slow blues heartbreaker and sprinkles it with some orchestral micro explosions for a song that’s like a gentle waltz through a bleak, burned out building. Not to mention the quirky ending of pops of distortion and effects and you can just about feel the life of something tangible being celebrated and mourned with equal fury and passion.

If you liked this track, stay tuned to the Token Recluse website for each and every one of those free releases. Still wanting more? The remix to Cars & Trains’ “The Sun Always Sets” is available for download here and is out on 7 inch now. He’ll also be embarking on a European tour this fall in support Beyond My Means, his debut solo release from Big Pauper.


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