The rumor has been going about a week now, and Tuesday more flames were sparked regarding a Jay-Z live collaboration with the one and only beat doctor at Coachella. In a report published yesterday, HipHopDX claimed someone from Dr. Dre’s camp told the blog that the legendary Los Angeles producer/rapper “may” join the Jigga-man on stage this Friday.

Jay-Z is featured on the lead single for Dre’s long-awaited Detox album, “Under Pressure”, leading to the expectation that if Dre ends up on stage, the two will debut the new song live at Coachella. Jay-Z has also worked with Dr. Dre before, ghostwriting for Dre’s last album 2001 and featuring Dre on “The Watcher 2” for his own The Blueprint².

HipHopDX warns, however, that “these rumors have yet to be substantiated in any way.” Furthermore, the source was anonymous and also told the blog the collaboration might not happen due to conflicting schedules. So either this is a shady rumor started to build up false anticipation or Dr. Dre’s rare appearance will be one more addition to a true spectacle, already long-rumored to include Alicia Keys and Kanye West as special guests.