Jay-Z vs. Green Day for Tony’s supremacy

    In Los Angeles, we usually hear about the hot new play or musical years after the fact, with the Broadway run already complete or in full stride. I still can’t believe they made a musical out of  The Color Purple. I also can’t believe my sister made me watch that so many times when we were kids. Not cool.

    Well, a couple Broadway shows that have reached farther into the public recently heard some good news courtesy of the Tony Awards. For those unfamiliar, the Tony’s are like the Juno’s for theater, giving awards in a variety of categories for both plays and musicals. Nominated for Musical of the Year is American Idiot, based on the Green Day album of the same name that  has become a mega-hit throughout the world.

    So Green Day must be a sure thing, right? Everyone loves them. Who could possibly be more universally loved, especially by the media? Oh, Jay-Z .


    The rapper, entrepeneur and Mr. Beyonce was nominated with Alicia Keyes and Jada Pinkett-Smith for “Fela!” which they all produced. Could the power team steal Green Day’s award from their hands? Rumors also swirl that The National is going to tapped to host, just for a little extra relevance.

    It will actually probably be NPH again.

    Watch June 13th on CBS to see who wins.