Watch: Green Day and Wilco take on late night (5/10)

    Last night’s late night was so grand it would take multiple posts to detail it all. So let’s kill four birds with one stone and write the following: American punk icons Green Day celebrated Exile on Main St. by covering The Rolling Stones’ “Rip This Joint” on Fallon; Chicago rockers/festival curators Wilco shared Wilco (The Album)‘s “Deeper Down” on Ferguson; California rock trio Crash Kings played “Mountain Man” on Kimmel; and, on a 2000s themed night, which also featured former First Lady Laura Bush, Limp Bizkit performed “Take a Look Around”, aka the theme song for Mission: Impossible II.

    Among the things one can take out of the aforementioned performances? Green Day remains as good a cover band as any other band out there; why can’t Wilco be on late night every night?; the Crash Kings certainly proved why some have compared them as a cross between The White Stripes and Ben Folds, though minus the god-like guitar work and Foldsian wit and soothing vocals; and the only update to the Limp Bizkit wardrobe since 1998 has been Fred Durst’s decision to ditch the infamous red Yankees hat in favor of a plain red hat.

    Now with that all in mind, say thank you to the Audio Perv for the video support, and check out all of last night’s musical performances below…

    Green Day – “Rip This Joint” (Rolling Stones Cover)

    Wilco – “Deeper Down”

    Crash Kings – “Mountain Man”

    Limp Bizkit – “Take a Look Around”