End of Week Recap: October 11-15


    There’s a lot on this list this week, isn’t there?

    Of course there’s no way everything we cover in a given week can fit into one of these posts. Ideally, the following round-up of people, places, events, and other random happenings in music will at least give you an idea of just how hectic it gets around here.

    There’s also no way of knowing what the next few days will bring. Maybe it will be as fast-paced and exciting as this one. Or not.

    Here’s to another hectic week.

    — Is it really too early to predict Glastonbury ’11 headliners? We don’t think so. We posted our own predictions here.


    Eminem got personal with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes.

    Iron & Wine announced their first LP in three years.

    Cold War Kids also announced a new album.


    –  Trent Reznor told us what he really thinks of Facebook. (Total shocker, am I right?)

    — Legendary soul singer Solomon Burke passed away at the age of 70.

    Daft Punk‘s original music for the Tron remake will also be featured in the film’s video game.  You can also stream some of that music here.


    Kid Cudi put out an awesome video.

    Kanye West and La Roux collaborated on a new track.

    — There’s a MGMT documentary in the works.

    My Morning Jacket are back, in case their recent Letterman appearance didn’t tip you off.


    Footage of Wayne Coyne painting with his own blood surfaced.

    — We posted an exclusive Titus Andronicus performance.

    Adam Yach‘s health is reportedly improving.


    Details on Radiohead‘s contributions to the new Edward Norton film became available.

    Coldplay won over the good people at ASCAP.

    Lady Gaga may or may not have released a new track.


    Duff McKagan reunited with Guns N’ Roses.

    Prince will tour for the first time in over four years. Stay tuned for details.

    — A long-lost freestyle featuring Big L and Jay-Z was finally discovered after 15 years.


    T.I. was sentenced to an additional 11 months in prison.

    — We’re celebrating Fela Kuti’s birthday with, you guessed it, another giveaway.

    — We’re also celebrating MoogFest with a huge kickoff party.


    — Philip Cosores reviewed Warpaint‘s debut effort.

    — Adam Kivel shared his thoughts on The Corin Tucker Band‘s 1,000 Years.

    — Winston Robbins covered Austin City Limits. He also chatted up Ninja (of Die Antwoord fame).


    — Ted Maider interviewed Big Boi.

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