There’s two kinds of swagger. There’s regular swagger and then there’s Marc Bolan swagger, the kind of swagger that is doused in perfume and fur and struts from night club to night club connected to an entourage of ogling men and women amid a cloud of glitter and intravenous drugs. This is a fact.

Also a fact: with T. Rex, Bolan more or less spawned glam-rock, influencing hundreds of artists to come after him from Bowie to Bauhaus. For many (including myself), Slider was the first stop on T. Rex’s all too short career, and most worthy of a reissue.

Thankfully, many of the works of Bolan will be rereleased and remastered beginning with 1972’s Slider which will be available on CD and digital formats on October 26th and newly remastered vinyl on November 23rd. Fat Possum says they will be reissuing more T. Rex albums, though no dates have yet been announced. But Slider is a great entry point into Bolan’s oeuvre. You can work up to Zinc Alloy & The Hidden Riders Of Tomorrow, which happens to be the best name for an album, ever.


Slider Tracklist:
01. Metal Guru
02. Mystic Lady
03. Rock On
04. The Slider
05. Baby Boomerang
06. Spaceball Ricochet
07. Buick Mackane
08. Telegram Sam
09. Rabbit Fighter
10. Baby Strange
11. Ballrooms of Mars
12. Chariot Choogle
13. Main Man