giftguide640x400 1 50 Types of Coal: CoS presents our Holiday Gift Guide

    We know you weren’t good this year. At CoS, we know our readers and figure that a good portion of the naughty list finds a way to stop by our website regularly. But, we embrace our own kind. We figure that no matter how many drunk tanks you’ve awoken in, how many boyfriend’s you have cheated on, or how many Justin Bieber songs you can recall by name, you will still get presents.

    Music has always been a go-to for me, because it is easily located and something you know for sure that the person would never spend their own money on. Plus, back in the day, there was the clever tactic of buying people CD’s that you also wanted and then asking them to burn you a copy. Before the internet, you had to be creative as well as shady to get free music. So CoS used its “all encompassing” knowledge to create a gift guide that can appeal to all types of music fans.

    If you’re shopping for the picky-as-hell, vinyl-only, pretentious know-it-all in the family, you might be willing to fork over the cash for 69 Love Songs on vinyl. Or maybe you have a rock and roll die-hard sharing your bedroom. Check out the Bruce Springsteen reissue or, perhaps, the Green Day singles box set. They’ll love you forever. And what about the millions who logged on every G.O.O.D. Friday? Apparently there’s a pretty big record around the bend. But if less effort is preferred, why not play it safe with Michael McDonald’s This Christmas? A holiday record from everyone’s favorite former Doobie? Done deal.


    And we’re just dipping our toes in here. Check out the CoS gift guide and have a happy end to your year.

    Note: We’ll be adding new items to the guide throughout the holiday season, so please check back often.

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