It’s a whole new week, everybody. February is officially in full swing, especially now that the Super Bowl just wrapped up. Oh, I’m sure half of America will be discussing how Green Bay deserved this wonderful honor, and I’m sure the other half will be angry the hard-working Steelers did not come out on top. There might also be the small demographic who complains about how Wiz Khalifa did not play the halftime show. But, the game is over, so now it’s back to reality. Or is it? You could always take a long memory relapse into… Cluster 1! Believe us, it’s quite a trip today.


— The lineup to the 2011 Sasquatch! Music Festival is here! Check out the special promotional video!

— With so much going on in the music world these days, it’s no wonder Cluster 1 needs a guy like Sami Jarroush to keep us all updated. Today, he’s got news on the recent White Stripes breakup, new songs from the Foo Fighters, information on The Cars’ new album, and discussion of the best and worst Super Bowl Halftime shows.

Short Films:

— A Cluster 1 Exclusive! Have you lost yourself in the Black Hole yet? Be sure to check out the magnificent horror from director Rupert Sanders! NSFW. NSFW! NSFW!

— All of Kill Devil Hills is finally here! The coveted VHS espionage animation series, brought to you by MoreFrames, has finally been unlocked from a basement after 35 years! Ill Bill and DJ Muggs return for Part 4: “Millenniums of Murder.” Be sure to check out all the other segments of the show as well!
Part 1:Cult Assassin”? Part 2: “Kill Devil Hills” Part 3:Illuminati 666?


Music Videos:

— A Cluster 1 Exclusive! Watch the massive Swedish ensemble that is I’m From Barcelona make magic in the studio! “Get In Line” is the first single from the band’s upcoming album, Forever Today set to be released on April 19th.

— The Arizona garage band Harlem brings to you “Gay Human Bones”, which comes from their second studio album, Hippies. Justin Kelly directs this video that sheds a little light on a dreary arts and crafts party.

— Small Black has just released its new video for “Photojournalist”, taken off the band’s debut album, New Chain. This depiction of a perfect day told in dream-like clarity was made by Yoonha Park.


Over the weekend:

— Bare Wires, who are about to release a new album and embark on a massive 2011 tour, put together a video for the song “Don’t Ever Change”, which depicts the events of some 1970s high school antics being played out by the “cool kids.” Some things never change, and Daniel Hilsinger with Krista Lettko tell it how it is (or was?).

— The new MC, Nottz, uses his rapping superpowers to create some radical visuals in his new video “Shine So Bright”. “It’s MFing magical.” Be sure to check out Nottz’s new duet with Ivory Keyes entitled: Temptation

— The Soft Moon’s monochrome video collage for the song “Circles” is sure to send you some mixed messages about assassinations and political figures. Don’t blame us though when Ron Robinson’s video gives you some shady ideas.


— Cake Le Bon is up to some dark magic in her video for the song “Shoeing the Bones”, where the artists tries to turn love that is forbidden into actual love. The track comes from her debut album, Me Oh My.

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