T-Bone Burnett’s The Speaking Clock Revue LP features Elvis Costello, Jim James


    Last October, renowned producer T-Bone Burnett put together a couple of concerts featuring a few of his more talented buddies. This October, according to Exclaim, he’ll put out a compilation featuring some choice moments from the occasion.

    Recorded at the New York Beacon Theatre show, T-Bone Burnett Presents: The Speaking Clock Revue is 11 tracks of live material from Elvis Costello, Elton John and Leon Russell, My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James, Greg Allman, actor Jeff Bridges, Karen Elson, and more. See, we told you he had talented buddies.

    The compilation, out October 18th via Shout! Factory, will benefit music and arts education in public schools through the Participant Foundation (as did the concerts). The tracklist is listed in full below.


    T Bone Burnett Presents: The Speaking Clock Revue Tracklist:
    01. Elvis Costello – Jimmie Standing In The Rain
    02. Gregg Allman – Midnight Rider
    03. Neko Case – Hold On, Hold On
    04. Punch Brothers – Rye Whiskey
    05. Jim James – Wonderful (The Way I Feel)
    06. Karen Elson – The Truth Is In The Dirt
    07. The Secret Sisters – The One I Love Is Gone
    08. John Mellencamp – Troubled Land
    09. Ralph Stanley – Lift Him Up That’s All
    10. Jeff Bridges – Fallin’ & Flyin’
    11. Elton John & Leon Russell – Monkey Suit

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