The Jesus and Mary Chain to reissue entire catalog


    jesus and mary chain reissues The Jesus and Mary Chain to reissue entire catalog

    For the second time in five years, Scottish post-punk icons The Jesus and Mary Chain will see their back catalog reissued. Following Rhino Records’ 2006 reissues on the now-defunct DualDisc format, Slicing Up Eyeballs reports that Demon Music Group has announced plans to re-release all six of the band’s studio albums in expanded two CD/one DVD packages.

    First up will be reissues of the band’s 1985 debut Psychocandy and 1987’s Darklands on September 19th. Both sets will sport over 30 bonus tracks, including B-sides, unreleased demos, and other rare outtakes, as well as 32-page booklets featuring contributions from former drummer and current Primal Scream leader Bobby Gillespe. The particulars for each set are listed out below.

    Release dates for the other four reissues are still forthcoming, though lists 1989’s Automatic and 1992’s Honey’s Deadfollowing due on September 26th and 1994’s Stoned & Dethroned and 1998’s Munki on October 3rd.


    Psychocandy Reissue Tracklist:
    CD 1
    01. Just Like Honey
    02. The Living End
    03. Taste The Floor
    04. The Hardest Walk
    05. Cut Dead
    06. In A Hole
    07. Taste Of Cindy
    08. Never Understand
    09. Inside Me
    10. Sowing Seeds
    11. My Little Underground
    12. You Trip Me Up
    13. Something’s Wrong
    14. It’s So Hard
    15. Suck
    16. Ambition
    17. Just Out Of Reach
    18. Boyfriend’s Dead
    19. Head
    20. Cracked

    CD 2
    01. Upside Down
    02. Vegetable Man
    03. In A Hole
    04. You Trip Me Up
    05. Never Understand
    06. Taste The Floor
    07. The Living End
    08. Inside Me
    09. Just Like Honey
    10. Some Candy Talking
    11. Psychocandy
    12. You Trip Me Up
    13. Cut Dead
    14. Up Too High
    15. Upside Down
    16. Never Understand
    17. Taste The Floor
    18. In A Hole
    19. Something’s Wrong
    20. Just Like Honey
    21. The Living End
    22. My Little Underground
    23. Never Understand (Alternate Version)
    24. Jesus Fuck

    01. Never Understand
    02. You Trip Me Up
    03. Just Like Honey
    04. In A Hole (Old Grey Whistle Test)
    05. Riot at North London Polytechnic (Interview and Live Clips)
    06. Interview (VRT, Belgium)
    07. Never Understand (VRT, Belgium)
    08. Just Like Honey (The Tube)
    09. Inside Me (The Tube)


    Darklands Reissue Tracklist:
    CD 1
    01. Darklands
    02. Deep One Perfect Morning
    03. Happy When It Rains
    04. Down On Me
    05. Nine Million Rainy Days
    06. April Skies
    07. Fall
    08. Cherry Came Too
    09. On The Wall
    10. About You
    11. Some Candy Talking
    12. Taste Of Cindy (Acoustic Version)
    13. Psychocandy
    14. Hit
    15. Darklands
    16. Down On Me
    17. Deep One Perfect Morning
    18. Fall
    19. In The Rain
    20. Happy Place

    CD 2
    01. Kill Surf City
    02. Bo Diddley Is Jesus
    03. Who Do You Love
    04. Everything’s Alright When You’re Down
    05. Shake
    06. Happy When It Rains (Demo)
    07. Happy Place
    08. F.Hole
    09. Rider
    10. On The Wall (Portastudio Demo)
    11. Surfin’ USA (April Outtake)
    12. Here It Comes Again
    13. Walk And Crawl
    14. Some Candy Talking (NME Version)
    15. Mushroom
    16. The Hardest Walk (Soundtrack Version)
    17. Don’t Ever Change
    18. Swing
    19. Darklands (With Strings)
    20. Interview (Janice Long)

    01. Some Candy Talking
    02. April Skies
    03. Kill Surf City
    04. Happy When It Rains
    05. Darklands
    06. April Skies (Top Of The Pops)
    07. April Skies (Villa Tempo)
    08. Happy When It Rains (The Roxy)


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