Check Out: Dreamers of the Ghetto – "State of a Dream" (CoS Premiere)

    Dreamers of the Ghetto eptiomizes a lot of what makes the Midwest so distinct. For one, the four-piece is something of a family affair, comprised of brothers Luke and Jonathan Jones, Luke’s wife Lauren, and mutal friend Marty Sprowles. If that weren’t down-home enough, the band also hails from Bloomington, IN, the home to folk rock hero John Mellencamp and indie rock labels Secretly Canadian and Jagjaguwar. But unlike their neighbors, DotG’s take on rock offers up a decidedly different lean, one the whole world, including the good folks of B-Town, will hear when their debut album Enemy/Lover drops early next month.

    Despite their rural upbringing, the group’s music is a combination of far more ethereal musical components. Combining the sweet sounds of ’80s rock, especially that of soundtracks and scores, with hunks of uber romantic dream-rock, the end result is a little bit rock and roll and a little bit synth-y groove-fest. The record’s second single, “State of a Dream”, defines the unit’s unique sound. Building up to what can only be described as Neil Young joining The xx, “State of a Dream” is as hazy as it is haggard. Check it out below.

    Dreamers of the Ghetto – “State of a Dream”

    Also below is the album’s first single, “Tether”. The band will be playing select shows in the U.S. and Canada throughout October, with the full schedule just beneath the album’s tracklist. Enemy/Lover is in stores October 4th via Temporary Residence Ltd.



    Enemy/Lover Tracklist:
    01. Antenna
    02. State of a Dream
    03. Connection
    04. Regulator
    05. Always
    06. Dreamers of the Ghetto
    07. Phone Call
    08. Dark Falcons
    09. Night Hawks
    10. Tether

    Dreamers of the Ghetto 2011 Tour Dates:
    10/04 – Indianapolis, IN @ Luna (in-store performance)
    10/07 – Nashville, TN @ Grimey’s (in-store performance)
    10/08 – Louisville, KY @ Ear-X-Tacy
    10/12 – Bloomington, IN @ WFHB
    10/13 – Chicago, IL @ Transistor
    10/22 – Bloomington, IN @ Russian Recording
    10/25 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
    10/26 – Boston, MA @ T.T. the Bears
    10/27 -Montreal, QC @ Belmont
    10/28 – Toronto, ON @ Drake Hotel
    10/29 – Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen
    11/03 – Muncie, IN @ Be Here Now