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    Wilco loves us, baby. Sure, they’ve been through more crew changes than the cast of E.R., but the band has always had one guy there at the forefront. Every circle needs a center, and that center is Jeff Tweedy. He and his various bandmates have tackled everything from alt-country to Krautrock, surf pop to adult contemporary. There have been some ups and downs along the way, and we won’t shine over those bumps in the road during these proceedings. To paraphrase Bill Maher: Remember, Wilco isn’t your boyfriend.

    Fortunately, the band’s good points far outweigh the bad, and here is certainly a celebration of their accomplishments over the past 15-plus years. So, in light of the release of their forthcoming eighth studio LP, The Whole Love, join us in breaking down the previous seven (And yes, we left out the Mermaid Avenue records; boy, you guys are too demanding).

    -Justin Gerber
    Senior Staff Writer