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    As Rocktober draws to a close, there’s little left to do but get all dressed up in Drive jackets and Kahl Drogo / Khaleesi from Game of Thrones and host a fun little party. The question arises: Do we get this party started or do we stick with the spookiness of Halloween? We decided to go with the latter and make a playlist (via Spotify) of some of our favorite, scary, messed up, shifty, and uncomfortable songs to guarantee to to anything but get the party started. Well, it depends on the kind of party you’re throwing.

    1. Pan Sonic – “Voltos Bolt” — It sweeps almost every frequency your ear can hear, and is the closest you’ll probably get to finding out what it’s like to be electrocuted.

    2. Death Grips – “Guillotine (It Goes Yah)” — The sound of a guillotine runs throughout the abrasive and powerful hip-hop track, and the production on the final 90 seconds may take you to and off the edge.


    3.  Spoon – “The Ghost Of You Lingers” — A Spoon outlier from the dissonant piano intro to the multi-tracked vocals. Loitering is much scarier thing if it’s an apparition.

    4. Ween – “Spinal Meningitis” — Creepy use of a little kid creepy voice and it doesn’t make it any easier to listen to with the out of tune bells. One of Ween’s most twisted and depraved songs, which is saying a lot for this band. Happy HalloWEEN.

    5. Prurient – “Many Jewels Surround The Crown” — Injurious and noisy, opening with a scream from the depths.


    6. Mayhem – “Funeral Fog” — The circumstances surrounding this song and album is morbid enough. Watch your back, or the kvlt will get you.

    7. Misfits – “Theme For A Jackal”  — The Misfits have always been known for being weird and spooky, but “Jackal” takes things to a whole different level. Any song about girl’s livers hanging out will certainly give you chills.

    8. Johnny Cash – “Long Black Veil” — Don’t let the upbeat finger picking or Johnny Cash’s nonchalant voice fool you: this is some creepy Shakespearian shit. It’s sort of like Corpse Bride meets The Wire.


    9. Animal Collective – “Unsolved Mysteries” –  Avey Tare’s got one of the most brilliantly abrasive voices in indie music today, so he’s an obvious candidate for a song loosely based on Jack The Ripper. Best part? He’s sympathetic for the Ripper: “That blood in the dark/Will attract the sharks/Who are not violent/We all have hungry bellies.” You know what? He’s right. Why hide our inner serial murderers if that’s what we’re into?

    10. TV On The Radio – “Wolf Like Me” — “Got a curse I cannot lift/shines when the sunset shifts/when the moon is round and full/gotta bust that box gotta gut that fish.” Yep, American Werewolves in Brooklyn.

    11. Eminem – “Kim” — Revisiting this song after however long it’s been will probably be what makes you take another break from it. Histrionics like this run the gambit of emotions, but eventually horror wins out. Bleed…


    12. Crystal Castles – “Suffocation” — Chances are you’ve never been smothered to death with a pillow by Nicole Kidman, for that is a fate too awesome for the average human being. The only thing that could make that experience better is if “Suffocation” by Crystal Castles were the soundtrack to it all.

    13. Swans – “I Crawled” (live)  — This is a journey, with Jarboe giving a vocal performance of a lifetime. It’s inspirational and utterly destructive with Gira coming in at the end. [note: Spotify has this track listed as “Yum Yab”, but it’s “I Crawled”.]

    14. Immortal Technique – “Dance With The Devil” –  Tune in to the thousands of words Tech spits on this track and see into his psychotic, agit-prop socially demented mind. It’s also of one of the most powerful and hard to digest songs from the hip-hop canon.


    15. Gorillaz – “Last Living Souls” — Over the years, the apocalypse has become the tired subject of many films. But whether you break down completely like Barbara in Night of the Living Dead or you vanquish and study the plague with the intellect to match your bulging biceps like Will Smith in I Am Legend, an apocalypse is emotionally taxing. Damon Albarn does a pretty good job of capturing the sentiment here.

    Check Out: The Ninth Circle Halloween Mixtape

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