Video: Cosmo Jarvis – “She Doesn’t Mind”

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    A Cluster 1 Premiere!

    What: Some people just aren’t satisfied giving their music over to others to craft music videos. New Jersey-born, England-raised Cosmo Jarvis found his way around this by putting himself both behind and in front of the camera. The whimsical singer-songwriter-director did it for his hilarious, creative, and poignant “Gay Pirates” clip, and he’s done it again with his latest single, “She Doesn’t Mind”, and Cluster 1 is here to give you the premiere of the new video.

    Our boy Jarvis has met an unbelievably wonderful woman – like, actually unbelievable. She’s apparently a trombonist, an accomplished author, multilingual, a Noble laureate for fixing global warming over breakfast, and understands Relativity better than Einstein.  She also “doesn’t mind the ooh, ooh, ooh,” but we’ll let you figure out what that means for yourself. We never see this wonder woman in the video Jarvis has constructed, but you can see him explain his dream girl to his apathetic parents over at Cluster 1.

    “She Doesn’t Mind”, as well as “Gay Pirates” and “My Day”, are off Cosmo Jarvis’ upcoming release Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange. The album already has scores of British fans, and is poised to garner some more in the States when it drops October 11th from 25th Frame Productions.


    Directed and produced by: Cosmo Jarvis

    – Benjamin Kaye