Video: Kosha Dillz – "Sweat Pants"

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    A Cluster 1 Premiere!

    What: Jewish MC Kosha Dillz is kicking out his second music video from the 2011 Gina & The Garage Sale EP. Given the less serious topic of “Sweatpants”, you’d expect the visuals to match and they most certainly do. It’ll make you want to find the nearest pair of sweats to lounge around in. Speaking of less serious, the rapper has also created a Yo Gabba Gabba remix of the song, in honor of his guest appearance with Biz Markie and all the show’s characters at The State Theater in New Brunswick, NJ on October 11th. Kosha Dillz and Yo Gabba Gabba Live? Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

    Directed by: Robbie Barclay