Giveaway: U2's Achtung Baby (Super Deluxe Edition)

    It’s the week of box sets! In addition to that Beach Boys release, U2 also got in on the action, issuing a deluxe reworking of its acclaimed 1991 LP, Achtung Baby. While there’s one Uber Deluxe Version, which even includes Bono’s pair of shades, there’s also leaner, far more approachable collection, modestly titled, the Super Deluxe Edition. This includes six CDs, four DVDs, a 92 page hardback book, and 16 art prints in a wallet. What’s more, one of those DVDs includes the band’s recent documentary, From the Sky Down. Right now, it’ll run you $125.99 on Amazon. But, here’s an alternative: Consequence of Sound is giving one away.

    That’s pretty nice, huh? Here’s how you can win. First, follow us on Twitter and/or Like us on Facebook. Then, in the comments, tell us your favorite Bono quote. It could be crazy, it could be sincere, or it could even be someone parodying Bono. We just want them. And naturally, we’ll choose our favorite.*

    If you’ve heard most of the material (thanks, Spotify), and you just want to watch From the Sky Down, here’s some good news. The documentary is currently available on Showtime On-Demand, from now until November 26th. It will also be airing regularly on Showtime. Consult their website for, ahem, showtimes.

    * = U.S. residents only, please.