The Twilight Sad details new album, No One Can Ever Know

    As previously reported, The Twilight Sad are set to release their third album, No One Can Ever Know, early next year. Now, we have a tracklist (see below), an album cover (see above, if you dare), and a release date to boot (February 7th). Talk about a roll out, eh?

    Produced by Andrew Weatherall (Primal Scream, Two Lone Swordsmen, Fuck Buttons), the new LP had the band in London for a month, working with vintage analog synths, and attempting to emulate the production styles of Factory Records’ Martin Hannett and Cluster‘s Conny Plank. As guitarist Andy MacFarlane explains in a press release, “We wanted to be a lot more spontaneous, get outside our comfort zone – not to fall back into repeating what we’ve done previously.” The change in scenery shifted the band “toward a sparser sound, with a colder, slightly militant feel.”

    They’ll share that feeling with its fans on stage next year, when they plan to tour, which so far includes a stop at next year’s South by Southwest. Stay tuned for a complete itinerary, but while you’re here, check out current single “Sick” (available digitally tomorrow) and album closer “Kill It In The Morning” below. Then, try and forget that cover come sleepy time. Good luck.

    The Twilight Sad – “Sick”

    The Twilight Sad – “Kill It In The Morning”

    No One Can Ever Know hits stores February 7th via FatCat Records.

    No One Can Ever Know Tracklist:
    01. Alphabet
    02. Dead City
    03. Sick
    04. Don’t Move
    05. Nil
    06. Don’t Look At Me
    07. Not Sleeping
    08. Another Bed
    09. Kill It In The Morning