Archers of Loaf reissue sophomore album, Vee Vee

    Hey, nostalgia! On February 21st, Archers of Loaf will follow up this year’s reissue of Icky Mettle with their next acclaimed (and most commercially successful) LP, Vee Vee. According to Exclaim!, the new reissue includes a remastering of the album’s 13 tracks, courtesy of original engineer Bob Weston, in addition to new album artwork by Jay Ryan and a soiree of rarities, demos, and B-sides.

    The set is currently available for pre-order over at Merge on both vinyl and CD. Fans who pre-order now will receive an instant download of the remastered album – though, they’ll have to wait ’til the Month de Cupid for the extras. Check out the tracklist and a stream of “Harnessed in the Slums” below.

    Also, stay tuned for more tour dates in support of the reissue, and keep your credit line comfortable for future reissues of 1996’s All the Nation’s Airports and 1998’s White Trash Heroes. Oy, it sucks being a completist, huh?

    Vee Vee Re-issue Tracklist:
    Disc 1:
    01. Step into the Light
    02. Harnessed in Slums
    03. Nevermind the Enemy
    04. Greatest of All Time
    05. Underdogs of Nipomo
    06. Floating Friends
    07. 1985
    08. Fabricoh
    09. Nostalgia
    10.  Let the Loser Melt
    11. Death in the Park
    12. The Worst Has Yet to Come
    13. Underachievers March and Fight Song

    Disc 2:
    01. Harnessed in Slums ’95 (Bob Weston Radio Mix, 1995)
    02. Telepathic Traffic (“Harnessed in Slums” single, Alias, 1995)
    03. Don’t Believe the Good News (“Harnessed in Slums” single, Alias, 1995)
    04. Smoking Pot in the Hot City (7″ single, Esther, 1995)
    05. Mutes in the Steeple (7″ single, Esther, 1995)
    06. Mark Price P.I. (out of print)
    07. Bacteria (The Speed of Cattle, Alias, 1996)
    08. Equinox (unreleased) (J. Coltrane)
    09. (Big Joe and) Phantom 309 (out of print) (T. Faile)
    10. 1985 (Marathon Boombox Demo)
    11. Fabricoh (Marathon Boombox Demo)
    12. Nostalgia (Marathon Boombox Demo)
    13. Let the Loser Melt (Vee Vee 4-Track Demo)
    14. Underdogs of Nipomo (Vee Vee 4-Track Demo)
    15. Nevermind the Enemy (Vee Vee 4-Track Demo)
    16. Don’t Believe the Good News (Vee Vee 4-Track Demo)