Audiography: Episode 021: “Hoop Dreams”

    In this edition of Audiography, we talk with Hoop Dreams, a relatively new project branching from the same tree that sprung forth indie wunderkinds Wild Nothing and Dream Cop. A five-piece originally comprised of Jeff Haley and Max Brooks of Wild Nothing and Dream Cop’s Tommy Davidson, Jordan Mrazik, and Marcus McDonald, Hoop Dreams filled a void in their local scene when Wild Nothing’s Jack Tatum moved to Savannah, GA. After playing together for a short while, Mrazik left the band to continue his educational pursuits, but not before introducing the idea of adding a violin to the mix.

    Re-arranging the Go-Betweens’ “Was There Anything I Could Do?” (from 1989’s 16 Lovers Lane) to include a violin, the band members approached friend Julie Shepherd to fill the role. Not necessarily intended to become a permanent member, Shepherd, with the departure of Mrazik, stayed on, providing a layer of texture to Hoop Dreams’ music. Redeveloping an early ’80s UK dance-pop fit for today, and with vocal stylings similar to Edwyn Collins and Howard Devoto, Hoop Dreams’ sound is rooted in the past, yet avoids the retro clichés, forging ahead on its own.

    More information on Hoop Dreams can be found on their Facebook  and Bandcamp pages.

    Featured Music:
    01. Hoop Dreams – “Knife Fight”,
    02. Hoop Dreams – “Memory Light”
    03. Hoop Dreams – “XCPR”
    04. Hoop Dreams – “Jumping Fences (live)”


    Audiography Episode 021 – “Hoop Dreams”
    Written and Produced by Len Comaratta