Check Out: Grass Widow – “Goldilocks Zone”

    On May 22nd, San Francisco experimental pop trio Grass Widow will release their third LP, Internal Logic, via their own imprint, HLR. The 11-track effort is described as the band’s “most refined musical statement” and the album’s first single, the delightfully spooky “Goldilocks Zone”, is an early indicator of such streamlining.

    The track’s hypnotically simple guitar intro sounds like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock film, and eventually fades into a shoegaze-y oblivion that could give Vivian Girls a good run for their money.  Their child-like three-part harmonies are playful and impish, but the minor key DIY punk instrumentation gives the song an ominous kick. Stream it below, followed by the full album tracklist.

    Internal Logic Tracklist:
    01. Goldilocks Zone
    02. Hang Around
    03. Milo Minute
    04. Under the Atmosphere
    05. Disappearing Industries
    06. A Light in the Static
    07. Spock on MUNI
    08. Advice
    09. Cover You
    10. Whistling in the Dark
    11. Response to Photographs