Spotify Playlist: Bleached

     Photo by Heather Kaplan

    Jennifer Clavin and the rest of Bleached stopped by our CoSigns Party at SXSW this year and let the sunshine right in. Underneath all that tattered pop lay Clavin’s influences, full of the same kind of sweet hooks found on their studio albums and their punchy, rough-hewn live energy. Check out her playlist on Spotify, and get all the liner notes below.


    The Gun Club – “Mother of Earth”
    Really good guitar tones and amazing slide guitar. And Jeffrey Lee Pierce went to the same high school as me, so I feel a connection. A valley connection.

    Veronica Falls – “Beachy Head”
    This song came off the Veronica Falls LP this year. The recording quality is really cool and sounds old. Also, we are touring with them in February!


    The Rolling Stones – “Under My Thumb”
    The marimba part Brian Jones played makes this song for me. So catchy and dark-sounding at the same time.

    Bush Tetras – “Too Many Creeps”
    One of the first punk bands I ever got into. This is in memory of Laura Kennedy who passed away this year, a really amazing bass player.

    Johnny Thunders – “It’s Not Enough”
    We wanted to cover this song. It’s so good and simple.


    Black Lips – “Time”
    Another favorite song of the year. It reminds me of an early Stones song, and I really like when everything drops out except the guitar line. Also, the group singing is really cool.

    Veruca Salt – “Seether”
    I’ve been really into driving around and listening to the XM radio “Lithium” channel, and this song keeps coming on. It seriously gets stuck in my head for hours!

    The Cure – “A Night Like This”
    This song has such a good groove, the guitar playing is awesome, and the dark lyrics. When I hear it, I feel like nothing else matters.


    The Breeders – “Divine Hammer”
    It makes me think of dream hot boys from the nineties! Also we love the Breeders because they’re a sister band.

    Ramones – “Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World”
    Best Ramones song ever!