Electric Daisy Carnival promoter faces 13 years in prison


    edc Electric Daisy Carnival promoter faces 13 years in prison

    Last month, we reported that Insomniac Events CEO Pasquale Rotella, the mastermind behind the Electric Daisy Carnival music festivals, was facing arrest in connection to alleged malfeasance. Now, as points out, the full scope of Rotella’s charges have been revealed in court documents.

    Rotella and five others have been indicted on 29 counts, including bribery, embezzlement, conspiracy, and conflict of interest, all of which are related to alleged back room deals with city officials. Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley charges that 2.5 million in profits was diverted from the festival’s longtime home at the Los Angeles Coliseum and given to two city officials, Coliseum Events Manager Todd DeStefano and General Manager Patrick Lynch.

    Cooley offered a brief summation of the alleged corruption in court documents:

    “In the past, electronic music concerts, also known as raves, were generally conducted illegally, without permits and with rampant drug use. More recently their promoters have managed to bring the events to conventional venues but have faced resistance from the public due to continued drug use and other safety issues. The best way to overcome such resistance is always the use of an inside man. In 2008, DeStefano, Gerami, and Pasquale Rotella agreed that the two promoters would pay DeStefano personally and in exchange he would use his official position to provide them access to the Coliseum and low rates … Lynch learned of the payments in 2009 and … [assisted] him in continuing his crime.”


    Rotella, who faces 13 years in prison if found guilty, posted bail following his arrest on March 23rd. His attorney calls the charges “clearly politically motivated and publicity driven.”

    Insomniac promises that Rotella’s arrest will not impact any of its festivals.

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