The Books detail retropsective box set


    the books a dot in time The Books detail retropsective box set

    The Books now have a release date for their promised retrospective box set. According to Pitchfork, the limited-edition vinyl-only release is entitled A Dot in Time, and will be released on July 24th through Temporary Residence LTD and will catalog the now-broken-up band’s entire career.

    The massive set collects 95 songs across seven LPs, including remastered copies of the band’s four studio albums, as well as 45 rare and unreleased cuts (stream the track “Classy Penguin” below). Also included are USB flash drive containing every song in high-quality MP3 format, a two-hour DVD containing all 21 of the band’s music videos, and 56-page picture book about golf.

    Below, you can watch a 12-minute trailer for the box set featuring The Book’s Nick Zammuto, followed by the full tracklist. Pre-orders are now ongoing at Temporary Residence’s website.


    A Dot in Time Tracklist:
    SIDE A:
    1. Enjoy Your Worries, You May Never Have Them Again
    2. Read, Eat, Sleep
    3. All Bad Ends All
    4. Contempt
    5. All Our Base Are Belong To Them

    SIDE B:
    6. Thankyoubranch
    7. Motherless Bastard
    8. Mikey Bass
    9. Excess Straussess
    10. Getting The Done Job
    11. A Dead Fish Gains The Power of Observation
    12. Deafkids

    SIDE C:
    13. The Lemon of Pink I
    14. The Lemon of Pink II
    15. Tokyo
    16. Bonanza 17. S Is For Evrysing
    18. Explanation Mark
    19. There Is No There


    SIDE D:
    20. Take Time
    21. Don’t Even Sing About It
    22. The Future, Wouldn’t That Be Nice
    23. A True Story of a Story of True Love
    24. That Right Ain’t Shit
    25. PS

    SIDE E:
    26. A Little Longing Goes Away
    27. Be Good To Them Always
    28. Vogt Dig For Kloppervok
    29. Smells Like Content
    30. It Never Changes To Stop

    SIDE F:
    31. An Animated Description Of Mr. Maps
    32. Venice
    33. None But Shining Hours
    34. If Not Now, Whenever
    35. An Owl With Knees
    36. Twelve Fold Chain


    SIDE G:
    37. Group Autogenics I
    38. IDKT
    39. I Didn’t Know That
    40. A Cold Freezin’ Night

    SIDE H:
    41. Beautiful People
    42. I Am Who I Am
    43. Chain of Missing Links
    44. All You Need Is A Wall
    45. Thirty Incoming

    SIDE I:
    46. A Wonderful Phrase By Gandhi
    47. We Bought The Flood
    48. The Story of Hip Hop
    49. Free Translator
    50. Group Autogenics II

    SIDE J:
    Vinyl etching – No Audio

    SIDE K:
    51. Fralite
    52. Egaberte
    53. Liternite
    54. It’s Musiiiiic!
    55. The Joy of Nature
    56. Meditation Outtakes
    57. A Long Villainous Sequence
    58. Millions of Millions
    59. Of the Word God
    60. Ghost Train Digest
    61. You’ll Never Be Alone
    62. ‘Ah…, I See’
    63. Three Day Night
    64. Classy Penguin


    SIDE L:
    65. 8 Frame
    66. Smack My Bishop
    67. Biospheric Quiet
    68. Happy Lawyers
    69. Hericlitus
    70. John’s Arp
    71. Foreign Country and Western
    72. Dustbowl

    SIDE M:
    73. Biospheric Doubletime
    74. Drowned But Survived
    75. Pickup Dark
    76. Hermetic 77. Circle of Fifths Loop
    78. Past Comes Welling Up
    79. Electro Lawyers
    80. Mars, OK
    81. Biospheric Dark
    82. Flythrough
    83. Running Down
    84. 8 Tons of Oxygen

    SIDE N:
    85. 10,000 Crows
    86. John’s Epiphany
    87. Lawyer Lullaby
    88. Hokie Ranch
    89. 2over3 Lawyers
    90. Glass Glass
    91. Biospheric Zither
    92. Found Frozen Corndog
    93. Cello Song Feat. Jose Gonzales
    94. Epilogue
    95. Pig


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