The great glam treasure hunt is over. As WFMU points out, full episodes of T-Rex frontman Marc Bolan’s 1977 series Marc are now available online, and they are amazing in several ways. For one, Bolan, dressed in ultra low-cut shirts and leather pants, drearily lip syncs through his songs backed up by the “Marc Bolan Dancers” whose droll, dead-eyed choreography are straight out of some drugged out ’70s campy B-movie and there’s feathered mullets, tiny gold earrings, glammy set designs, and Bolan staring right into the camera with sad, dead eyes.

Marc is also legitimately awesome because it features live, non lip-synced performances from The Jam, Generation X, Eddie and the Hod Rods, David Bowie, Thin Lizzy (lip-synced), and more. These are some good performances, especially Billy Idol in Gen X and David Bowie’s performance of “Heroes”, after which Bolan and Bowie jam and Bolan trips over a mic cord and falls off the little stage much to Bowie’s delight. Watch the Bowie episode below, and keep a little Marc in your hearts. Other episodes can be found under the same YouTube user account as this one.