Today we begin our 2012 Annual Report by recapping the year in news. Since January 1st, the staff of Consequence of Sound has posted over 4,500 news stories, ranging from album and tour announcements to the death of MCA and the trials and tribulations of Pussy Riot.

Below, we’ve put together a timeline highlighting the 100 stories which we felt best defined the year. Each notation includes a brief recap of the story along with a link to the original article and even audio. And since the year isn’t quite over yet, we’ll continue to update this timeline through year’s end.

We encourage you to share your most memorable moments in the comments section below. Then, check back tomorrow for a recap of our top concert photos. Later this week, we’ll reveal our selections for Rookie of the Year, Top 25 Music Videos of the Year, and Top 50 Songs of the Year. The following week we’ll share our picks for Live Acts of the Year, Artist of the Year, Band of the Year, Music Festival of the Year, and Top 50 Albums of the Year.