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    Following their interview on Triple J Radio earlier today, Daft Punk were back on the airwaves this evening for an appearance on BBC Radio 1. In an interview with Pete Tong, which took place in Los Angeles during Coachella, the duo discussed how Random Access Memories was born out of the tradition of Chicago house music, a collection of DJs/producers working in the post-disco musical landscape. “You had basement producers doing something that looked like a record,” Thomas Bangalter said. “We emerged from that tradition, of pretending to do a record. This is the same music we’ve always done, but the record we always wanted to do for real.”

    The pair also spoke of how their work on the Tron soundtrack influenced the album, being inspired by their collaborations with an orchestra to “replace, to a certain extent, the machines with the people.” They also delved into their preference in samples and finding new ways to recreate that “same magic, that little bit of life” with live instrumentation.

    Bangalter mentioned that they’ll probably avoid releasing full-length music videos in support of the album. “We wanted to try and experiment with formats, working with 15- and 30- and 60-second extended ads. There’s more excitement in the one-minute format than a three-minute format. The last thing we wanted to was to take this musically rich album and stuff it with too many visuals.”


    As for remixes, the duo said they’re already at work on several. However, don’t expect many big name contributors. ”It’ll probably be Daft Punk mixes of Daft Punk songs,” they added.

    Replay the full interview below.

    Also check out the latest installment from Daft Punk’s video series “The Collaborators”, which focuses on the musicians who contributed to the duo’s upcoming album Random Access Memories. We’ve already seen Giorgio Moroder, Todd Edwards, Nile Rodgers, Pharrell Williams, Animal Collective’s Panda Bear, Chilly Gonzales, DJ Falcon, and Andrew the Pizza Guy discuss their respective roles on the album. Now, legendary songwriter Paul Williams (“We’ve Only Just Begun”, “Evergreen”) takes a turn in the hot seat. He contributes to the song “Touch” on Random Access Memories.

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