Album Review: Joe Goddard – Taking Over EP




    If you’ve been keeping up with the DFA catalog at all since its inception then you’re already privy to its innermost secret: the label’s harboring electro maniacs. From Hercules & Love Affair to LCD Soundsystem, DFA continues to seek out innovative electronic musicians to add to their ranks, which includes the rather complex Joe Goddard. Over the last 13 years, Goddard has been one of the many “synth guys” of London’s Hot Chip creating soothing melodies and sounds for the world to breathe in and wrap their bodies around. Now he’s branching out on his own again with his third EP, Taking Over, featuring guest stars Mara Carlyle and Boris Dlugosch.

    In the four years since Goddard’s first full length, Harvest Festival, a unique album about fruit, we’ve found Goddard trekking at full speed between side projects like The 2 Bears and the star studded crew of New Build. Now, the intellectual noise creator wants us to take a look inside ourselves, to forgive our individual shortcomings, and to form a bond with the outside world. Taking Over is yet another solid inclusion for Goddard’s CV and a ringing endorsement for his next full-length.

    Opening track “Step Together” works off a steady 4/4 pump, filled with swirling electro effects and a monotonous jazzy beat that’ll push you into a shuffle before you even notice. The catatonia-inducing “She Burns” pressures with Carlyle’s lingering vibrato and a clan of tribal percussion. It’s not all compelling. “Bassline ‘12″, however, irritates with obnoxious honking before it rockets out to the distant, silent confines of space. Peculiar is an apt word here.


    Packed with cavernous vocals and wavering synth sounds, Taking Over isn’t groundbreaking, but a worthy exercise amongst a world of meaningless dubstep songs. And while it may arrive as a simple dance record, after several listens there’s enough introspection to warrant a least a one-night stand.

    Essential Tracks: “Step Together”, ”She Burns”

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