Listen to Au Revoir Simone’s comeback single, “Somebody Who”

    Once done touring behind their 2009 breakthrough album Still Night, Still Light, Brooklyn synth-pop trio Au Revoir Simone each went their separate ways. Heather D’Angelo got a degree in biology from Columbia University; Erika Forster recorded as Erika Spring; and Annie Hart toured with Uninhabitable Mansions and Pursesnatchers. Now, four years later, they’ve reconvened for the release of their third album, Move in Spectrums, due out September 24th via the newly-revived Instant Records.

    Produced by Violens’ Jorge Elbrecht, the 11-track album features “the most intense, collective songwriting of their lives, revising and revamping every keyboard and vocal line until each song had a certain luster that matched the intensity and sheen of the band’s own passions,” according to a press release. The release goes on to conclude, “Move in Spectrums (is) an album that – like its title – creates different melodic textures and aural colors via the finest songs Au Revoir Simone have ever recorded.”

    With a lead single like “Somebody Who”, it’s hard to argue with such a lofty claim. For their comeback single, the threesome have aimed at a more lush, dance-ready sound. It’s equal parts dance floor filler and a touching little ditty ready-made for your next romantic mixtape. Listen in below.


    Move in Spectrums Tracklist:
    01. More Than
    02. The Lead Is Galloping
    03. Crazy
    04. We Both Know
    05. Just Like a Tree
    06. Somebody Who
    07. Gravitron
    08. Boiling Point
    09. Love You Don’t Know Me
    10. Hand Over Hand
    11. Let the Night Win