Listen to Chelsea Wolfe’s danceable new single, “The Warden”


    Northern California singer-songwriter Chelsea Wolfe has released “The Warden”, the lead single off her upcoming fourth full-length LP, Pain Is Beauty. While initial press for the album promised a return to the morose electronic vibe of 2011’s Apokalypsis, this latest number’s far more dance-ready than Wolfe’s other fare. Consider it the bastard child of gloomy, reverb-heavy goth rock and minimalist synth-pop, sounding too stark and lonesome to be pop and too infectious to be properly goth. But at the core, Wolfe’s folksy tendencies reign supreme, her voice dark and plaintive but also quite warm and inviting. Listen to it now at NPR.

    Pain Is Beauty is due out September 3rd via Sargent House.

    Pain Is Beauty Tracklist:
    01. Feral Love
    02. We Hit a Wall
    03. House of Metal
    04. The Warden
    05. Destruction Makes the World Burn Brighter
    06. Sick
    07. Kings
    08. Reins
    09. Ancestors, the Ancients
    10. They’ll Clap When You’re Gone
    11. The Waves Have Come
    12. Lone