Listen to Delorean’s new single, “Spirit”


    Spanish dance-poppers Delorean will return with their first album in three years, Apar, on September 10th via True Panther/Mushroom Pillow. The 10-track album, which includes a collaboration with Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek, is described by frontman Ekhi Lopetegi as “their big production album.” According to a press release, the band explore conciser soundscapes in the name of purer songwriting.

    “Leaving behind the ornate and layered production of (2010’s) Subiza, the chopped up female vocal samples have been replaced by actual singers and the bare minimum of instrumentation is all that remains to support them. This measured approach that the band embraced for Apar (which means froth or foam) is what waning relationships sometimes need in order to survive.”

    For a taste, the band has released lead single/album opener, “Spirit”. While this latest number keeps with the heavy nostalgia purveyed in Subiza, the extra production value’s imbued the song with new energies: Lopetegi’s vocals sound especially crisp and harmonious, while the chipper combo of punctuating drums and minimalist piano maintain their dancier elements with greater efficiency and an increased vitality. Watch a visualizer below, created by Basque artist Jorge Oteiza.


    Apar Tracklist:
    01. Spirit
    02. Destitute Time
    03. Dominion
    04. Unhold (feat. Caroline Polachek)
    05. You Know It’s Right
    06. Keep Up
    07. Walk High
    08. Your Face
    09. Inspire
    10. Still You