Listen to Dodos’ new single, “Substance”

    Dodos Carrier

    For their upcoming fifth studio album, Carrier, San Francisco indie rockers The Dodos reconfigured their songwriting process, focusing more on lyrical displays and crafting songs more intricately. The band continues to demonstrate the importance and power of those shifts with the album’s second single, “Substance”.

    While lead single “Confidence” was evocative for its explosion from quaint to totally raucous, this latest single is more even-keeled. Logan Kroeber’s drums remain steady and shimmery throughout, helping to support and add weight to the guitar melodies of Meric Long. A hail of horns midway through makes the track feel extra boisterous and joyful, but Long balances those sentiments with an outcry of heartache, wailing “But you will forget and I will remember!”

    Take a listen below (via

    Carrier is due out August 27th via Polyvinyl.

    Carrier Tracklist:
    01. Transformer
    02. Substance
    03. Confidence
    04. Stranger
    05. Relief
    06. Holidays
    07. Family
    08. The Current
    09. Destroyer
    10. Death
    11 The Ocean