Listen to Nas respond to J. Cole on “Made Nas Proud”

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    J. Cole’s new album, Born Sinner, features a track entitled “Let Nas Down”, in which Cole recounts the guilt he felt after hearing Nas’ reaction to his debut album, Cole World: The Sideline Story and, more specifically, the track “Work Out”. Today, Nas responded to Cole with a new track of his own, “Made Nas Proud”, which samples the same beat featured on “Let Nas Down”.

    Nas raps:

    At least you got Jay, but he already one of the greats // And it’s hard for the great to tell somebody how to be great // Nigga I tried and niggas threw that shit right back in my face // They took my cosign, but they ain’t let me EP their tape // And when they joint tank, that’s when they point blame // So point blank young Cole, you won’t be the same // The first album freedoms and them fourth album presses // A big difference between ’em but I get why you said it // Radio records are needed, I just want it to bring the warnin’ // Global warmin’ to that cold world you was breathin’ // That’s some advice I never got // If I don’t sell another record, I’ll just steady rock // While you was writin’ down my rhymes I was just tryna show you // That if you say what’s on your mind, you can stand the test of time // Now I’m playin’ Born Sinner loud, so you live rock the crowd // Like wow, you made your nigga Nas proud

    Take a listen to both songs below.

    Nas – “Made Nas Proud”:

    J. Cole – “Let Nas Down”: