Call 252-64-DPLAN to hear The Dismemberment Plan’s new song, “Waiting”

    dismemberment plan

    Want to hear a new Dismemberment Plan song? Grab your phone and dial 252-64-DPLAN. That song you hear? It’s called “Waiting”, the second track off the band’s forthcoming album, Uncanney Valley. Kudos, Alexander Graham Bell!

    Update: You can also hear the song below.

    Uncanney Valley, the band’s first album in 12 years, hits stores October 15th via Partisan Records. It was recorded in Baltimore, reuniting the band with producer J. Robbins (Change, Emergency & I).

    Uncanney Valley Tracklist:
    01. No One’s Saying Nothing
    02. Waiting
    03. Invisible
    04. White Collar White Trash
    05. Living in Song
    06. Lookin’
    07. Daddy Was a Real Good Dancer
    08. Mexico City Christmas
    09. Go and Get It
    10. Let’s Just Go to the Dogs Tonight