Listen to Deap Vally’s boisterous new single, “Bad For My Body”


    By now, most of the world has already heard Sistrionix, the debut LP from CoSigned Los Angeles garage-rock duo Deap Vally. Well, everyone that is except us Americans, who will have to wait until October 8th for the album’s formal U.S. release via Cherrytree/Communion/Interscope/Island (that’s a lot of labels!). To tide us over, guitarist Lindsey Troy and drummer Julie Edwards return today with a new single, “Bad for My Body”.

    Turning the amps all the way up to 13, the girls embrace the grimy, reverb-heavy end of garage rock. Troy’s devilish sneer is all but apparent in lines like ”If our mothers only knew/ The trouble we get into” while she rips on the guitar. Meanwhile, Edwards mercilessly slams on the drums, simultaneously keeping time while using the crashing cymbals to incite further sweat-soaked abandonment. Listen in below; it may not be good for the ears, but it’s damn good for the soul.


    For more sounds, be sure to listen to previous singles “Lies” and “Baby I Call Hell”.

    Sistrionix Tracklist:
    01. End of the World
    02. Baby I Call Hell
    03. Walk of Shame
    04. Gonna Make My Own Money
    05. Creeplife
    06. Your Love’s A Lie
    07. Lies
    08. Bad For My Body
    09. Women of Intention
    10. Raw Material
    11. Six Feet Under/Spiritual