Ten One-Song Reunions We Wish to See


    inceptiongif Ten One Song Reunions We Wish to See

    Music junkies are innate daydreamers. Why? Because reality rarely offers us the musical highs we crave on a regular basis. So, we recently posed this question to our staff: What would be the ultimate one-song live reunion? 

    The following is what we dreamt up. It’s a wish list that runs the gamut from pipedream to wet dream, with the occasional wish upon a star that could actually come true. And if these reunions did happen, we could finally return to reality for good. Yeah, dream on.

    Note: Since the publication of this article, OutKast has officially reunited. Yeah!

    -Matt Melis
    Senior Editor


    Sleater-Kinney – “Modern Girl”

    sleater kinney Ten One Song Reunions We Wish to See

    Where? The Pacific Northwest’s first Independence Day celebration.

    Why? I live hoping that a live performance would dislodge this song from my head.

    Odds: It’s really just a successful Portlandia sketch away.

    –Erin Carson 

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