cassettes Top 10 MP3s of the Week (7/19)

    This week’s batch of MP3s coasts along a series of unsettling nuances peering into the depths of our comfort while others find solitude within the beauty of being home. At the end of the day, the only way to stay on top is to risk it all, “take back the night,” and dance the night away.

    10. Yuck – “Rebirth”

    Jonathan Rado

    Aptly titled “Rebirth” is the first track from the “new” Yuck, which features guitarist Max Bloom on vocals instead of former frontman Daniel Blumberg, who left the band to pursue a solo career. Whereas their previous recordings channeled Dinosaur Jr. and the Breeders, “Rebirth” rides a wave of effects pedals, leaning more toward the shoegaze of My Bloody Valentine (an overused comparison, but one could argue these guitars sound too much like MBV). Bloom holds up well on the mic, sticking to a calm, gentle melody that aligns with the track’s overall atmosphere. —Jon Hadusek

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